Spotlight: Authentic Tribe

Mark Newey is a long-term client of Sharp Creative, who’s worked with us over a number of career changes. Mark trained and worked originally in marketing before building a portfolio of his own businesses.

Realising it was dealing with people that he enjoyed most, Mark retrained some 10 years ago as an NLP coach & hypnotist and set up Winning Minds.

With the business well established, Mark then added “Work Revolution” to his portfolio, which marries his NLP skills with his business experiences, to help other companies to manage their human resources more effectively, especially in situations of change management.

Not content with stopping there, Mark’s wish to create a better society has led him to propose his latest venture, the Authentic tribe.

To find out more about Mark and his businesses, go to:

“David has been doing my design work for about 15 years and I have never once been disappointed. He always sticks to the brief, but will come back with different approaches, at least 2 of which would work well. Extremely flexible, David always listens and whilst coming up with his own ideas and often stretching the boundaries, will ultimately always provide something that delights. He is an extremely talented designer and I can’t recommend him enough.”

Mark Newey, Mind Revolution

Adding a little magic

March Magic

Recent discussions with Magician Bruce Wright have reminded us about the importance of showmanship with any communication. Even the most conservative of communication benefits from a little magic to excite the reader’s attention – this is where the skills of great design and strong visuals come into play, drawing on the talents of your graphic designer. In this age where the lines between advertising, marketing and design have become blurred, employing the skills of a designer inthe early stages of a marketing campaign will ensure the visual imagery has real impact across your whole campaign.

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