Happy New Year & Thank you again!

Sharp Creative started business some 3 years ago and since then has gone from strength to strength. We’d like to thank all our customers for their trust and confidence during this time.

No business can afford to stay still and to ensure we meet our objective to bring you a first class service, we sought out business coaches Madeleine Morgan and Tim Gale, in part through their Accountability Club.  Their combined range of skills and advice continue to stretch and influence us. Through ambitious goal-setting and improved systems, we’re now better placed to design projects that work harder and are more focused in their objectives. If you would like to know more about Tim & Madeleine, please let us know and we will be happy to introduce you or put you in touch.

Also thank you to our newest help, Isobel Read of Virtuosa, whose years of experience in advertising, marketing and PR together with her flair with words, attention to detail and organisational skills ensure we stay on track and improve our service to you.


Dr Sisneros came to us when she decided to set up her own pharmaceutical consultancy. She had already chosen the name Riodove Services Limited and had a mental picture of her logo. We quickly agreed that the concept was emotive, original and memorable. Working around the two syllables, Rio (Spanish for River) & Dove we quickly developed an identity which we believe is striking, personal and with which she is proud.

Riodove Services Limited independent consultancy in pharmaceuticals, specialising in the administration of development, patenting and preparation for market. Dr Sisneros’s experience stems from a scientific research background prior to 8 years’ experience in pharmaceuticals. Services include preparation of non-clinical, clinical and safety regulatory documentation. Processing for post licensing commitments and legal obligations of the Marketing Authorisation Holder via the registered authorised procedures, e.g. renewals, variations, responses to Competent Authority questions, Periodic Safety Update Reports etc., is undertaken with speed and accuracy. Assistance can also be given with proof-reading small or large documents particularly of a technical nature.For more information about Riodove please contact Dr Sisneros, sisneros@btinternet.com.

 “Sharp Creative were able to retain my creation whilst developing it into a professional identity” Dr Sisneros

RIP Ronald Searle

Copyright: Ronald Searle

It’s all Ronald Searle’s fault! Had I not been left as child to browse my father’s collection of books, from “1066 ad all that”,through to “Molesworth” and finally St Trinians”. I might not have fallen in love with illustration and drawing.
God knows, my parents tried to steer me into a proper job. I didn’t even do art at school, but thanks to the mischievous conjurings’ of Mr Searle, I developed a habit of doodling my schoolmates and other characters. That led onto posters and eventually, after a failed attempt at banking, a job in a studio. So you see Ronald is to blame for sewing the seed. Over time I have often referred to his extraordinary life and work for both amusement and inspiration, so it is a very sad day to learn that he has finally put down the mantle. His work lives on, but I feel the World is slightly poorer.